Source of Iron

Greenshell Mussels: A New Source of Iron

Low iron levels are a common cause of fatigue.  Deficiencies can also interfere with your ability to concentrate, increase feelings of depression, and cause your hair to fall out.  People with these conditions often turn to supplements to address deficiencies.  While you can increase levels by eating certain foods, it is often easier to use a dietary supplement for this purpose.  It is also more convenient and less expensive than changing your diet.  And with the right supplement, you know exactly how much you are getting each day.

Importance of Iron

You may not realize this metal is actually a key component of enzymes and proteins your body uses to stay healthy.  There are two different types: heme and non-heme.  You need both for good health.  Heme is derived from animal sources while non-heme is not.  If you do not eat certain foods like poultry, fish, or red meats, your heme level may be low.  Non-heme is found in vegetables, beans, and grains.  You need to maintain both levels to truly be healthy.

Causes of Deficiencies

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this type of deficiency is one of the most common nutritional disorders affecting people around the globe.  A number of things can lead to deficiencies. A reason that may not be obvious is that your body actually stores iron.  So, over time, you will experience natural deficiencies. If your diet does not include the foods that contain this metal, deficiencies will develop.  When levels deplete too much, you will develop anemia. In most cases, deficiencies occur gradually so you may not even realize you have a problem right away.  The exception to this is if you experience major blood loss due to an accident or severe medical condition.

What Affects Iron Absorption

Several factors influence absorption rates.  As the amount that is stored in your body decreases, absorption rates increase.  Heme is easier to absorb than non-heme sources. And if you decide to take a supplement, the ingredients in the supplement can affect absorption so you may not be getting as much as you expect.  Absorption can also be affected if you have too much of this metal.  Your body will inhibit absorption to prevent toxicity.  It is possible to have too much of this metal in your body which can result in liver damage or other complications.

How to Make Sure You Get Enough

The exact amount you need varies, but the general recommended amount is up to 30 mg daily.  In addition to eating foods rich in iron, you can increase levels with supplements.  One of the best sources today is greenshell mussels.  Because mussels also have Omega-3 fatty acids, they provide a synergistic response in your body.  However, not everyone wants to eat mussels on a regular basis.  And many people simply do not like them.  So, another option is to take supplements made from green lipped mussel extract.

If you believe you suffer from deficiencies of this metal, you should consult a physician to make sure there is not an underlying medical condition that is causing the deficiency.  Let your doctor know you are interested in taking a supplement so he can perform the proper tests to make sure that it is the best option for you.  He will be able to recommend the appropriate dosage so you avoid toxicity and other possible side effects.

Treat your iron deficiencies today by purchasing New Zealand green lipped mussel supplements online from a trusted company that takes pride in producing a high quality product.  With the right supplement, you can be rid of fatigue and get back to enjoying life again in no time!