Increase Protein Intake with New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel Supplements

New Zealand green-lipped mussel supplements are a great source of protein.  Your body relies on protein as a main source of energy and has important roles that must be performed to keep you healthy.  Protein is a type of macronutrient that is essential for your body’s development and functioning.  Amino acids are an integral part of every protein. While most of the amino acids required by your body are produced naturally, the remaining must be obtained from dietary sources.

Why Protein is Essential for Health

Proteins are needed for healthy cell functions.  Each protein has a unique function to perform to keep your body functioning at maximum capacity.  Proteins can serve in various capacities including as hormones and enzymes.  One of the most important functions of protein is the transportation of oxygen throughout your body. Tissues need oxygen to regenerate on a regular basis. Blood also requires oxygen to keep the body healthy. Protein is what makes it possible for muscles to contract so you can move.  Your muscles could not develop or become strong without the benefits afforded by proteins.  It is for this reason that athletes increase protein intake in preparation for a competitions. It should be obvious why New Zealand green-lipped mussel supplements are beneficial.

Daily Nutritional Requirements

The average adult requires between 41 and 56 grams of protein every day.  Gender and age are the main factors that determine the exact amount you need daily.  If you consume more protein than is needed, it is usually used by your body for energy.  Like many other nutrients, protein can be stored in the body for future use.  You can get protein from a variety of food sources.  It is important to only increase good protein intake.   Animal proteins have higher protein content than proteins from plants.  A popular belief is that meat is the primary source of protein; however, you can also get your daily protein requirements from eggs, bananas, and fish.  New Zealand green-lipped mussel supplements are another source of good protein. Greenshell mussels also contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids which support protein synthesis, especially in muscles.

Risks of Protein Deficiency

Protein deficiency is a serious condition that can cause fatigue and swelling.  Certain proteins are needed to help manage the body’s inflammation natural response to toxins and infections.  If you are unable to control that response, you may develop serious chronic inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. New Zealand green-lipped mussel supplements and a high-protein diet can help with several of these conditions including ulcerative colitis and osteoarthritis.  It is important to note that these diseases themselves can result in minor protein deficiencies.  So taking dietary precautions are necessary to manage inflammation and reduce other symptoms experienced during flare-ups.

Nutritional Facts of NZ GLM

New Zealand green-lipped mussel supplements are a great alternative to protein-rich foods or as a means of supplementing your diet. Depending on the inflammatory condition you have been diagnosed with, you may find it difficult to eat and digest certain foods rich in protein.  NZ GLM provides nutritional support that can help improve inflammation.  In addition to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, the protein and carbohydrates in the supplement help fight inflammation.  The greenshell mussel extract used to create these supplements also contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which the body needs to fight chronic inflammatory conditions.

If you need an alternative source of protein that is rich in nutrients, buy New Zealand green-lipped mussel supplements.  You can easily buy supplements from the comfort of your home.  Do not wait another minute to get the supplement that will reduce inflammation and help restore nutrient levels for a healthier you!