Natural First Aid

Creating Your Own Natural First Aid Kit

Natural first aid kits should include NZ GLM supplements.  While these supplements cannot treat every injury or illness, they can help when you need to reduce inflammation and related pain.  New Zealand green lipped mussels have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can prove useful in certain emergency situations.  If you already take supplements to treat conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or inflammatory bowel disease, you do not want to risk your health by introducing non-natural pain relievers into your body, especially if you have a safer method for dealing with your pain.

Importance of Being Prepared

Accidents happen all the time.  You may get caught up in a storm or be involved in an automobile accident.  Perhaps you suffer a sports injury or simply fall down a few steps.  Whatever the reason for your injury, you want to be prepared so that damage is limited and temporary.  Most people know how important it is to be prepared, yet still do not have a natural first aid kit in the car or at an easily accessible location in the home.  You will still need to seek medical attention in extreme cases and definitely in any life-threatening situation.  However, when it is a sprained ankle or a similar injury, you can make yourself more comfortable before you get to your doctor’s appointment.

Why a Natural First Aid Kit

If you are taking supplements, then you are likely taking every precaution to live a life that is free of toxins.  Many of the items in a traditional first aid kit simply do not support your lifestyle choice. Fortunately, it is possible to still rely on natural remedies in most emergency situations.  Of course, you should never try to set broken bones by yourself.  And you need immediate medical attention for injuries involving the head, neck, and spine as well as any with excessive bleeding.  As long as your injury is minor, you can use items in your first aid kit to treat the affected area.  Importantly, you can reduce reliance on the health care system which may be important if you do not have sufficient health care insurance.

First Aid Kit Essentials

When creating your natural first aid kit, there are certain items you should always keep in stock.  For starters, make sure you have a natural alcohol-free cleanser available to remove blood and dirt from skin injuries.  You can now buy eco-friendly bandages to cover small cuts and scrapes.  These bandages are made from recycled materials and are completely latex-free.  Aloe is a natural treatment that can be applied topically to keep scrapes clean and relieve pain caused by sunburn.  If your injury involves a strained muscle or sore joint, you apply natural balms to the area for temporary relief.  And do not forget your supplements made from New Zealand green lipped mussels.

Including NZ GLM

Instead of reaching into your natural first aid kit for a pharmaceutical-strength pain reliever or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like aspirin, you can take a NZ GLM supplement which is a natural pain reliever.  These supplements are rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties your body needs to fight inflammation and infection.  You will also fortify your body with essential vitamins and minerals which strengthens your immune system and provides support as your injury heals.  Unlike pharmaceuticals and NSAIDs, there is not possibility of developing a dependence on NZ GLM supplements.  And they are perfectly safe for people who are not allergic to shellfish.

Your natural first aid kit should include NZ GLM supplements to help with injuries that cause swelling and inflammation.  You can find the best supplements online at affordable prices.  Buy supplements and get prepared today!