Healing Power

Healing Power of the Greenshell Mussel

The greenshell mussel is a superfood with exceptional healing power.  If you have an autoimmune disorder such as chronic fatigue syndrome or have recently suffered a serious exercise strain, you are likely experiencing some level of inflammation in your body.  Whether wide-spread or localized, inflammation causes serious damage to your immune system and general health. If not treated quickly, damage can become permanent.  New Zealand green lipped mussels can help you get healthy in several ways.

Restores Joint Health

Chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis and acute conditions such as sports injuries can be quite painful when joints are involved.  Studies show that supplements made from greenshell mussels are an effective and natural way to reduce inflammation while providing much-needed pain relief.  Mussels are rich in Omega-3 which is essential for improving inflammation.  Beyond Omega-3, these mussels have an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties that help restore joint health and reduce inflammation.  When your body is no longer fighting inflammation, it has time to heal itself properly.  Joint health is especially important since joints are necessary for movements.

Improves Circulation

Greenshell mussels can also improve circulation which can reduce your risk of developing heart disease.  Poor blood circulation is the root cause of numerous conditions including headaches, high blood pressure, and swelling in the limbs.  Mucopolysaccharides, found in NZ GLM, improve circulation by helping blood flow as it should.  These carbohydrates adjust the thickness of blood to allow it to flow properly.  An increase in blood flow to a damaged area is often what actually causes the physical signs of inflammation.  By getting blood flow under control, you can also manage inflammation.

Strengthens Immune System

You can speed up healing when you take supplements made from greenshell mussels.  Bio-nutrients in the supplements boost your immune system which is necessary for just about every healing process.  A strong immune system certainly helps if you are battling any type of chronic inflammatory condition or autoimmune disease. Once your immune system has been reinforced, you should notice a reduction in inflammation and related symptoms.  Healing is not only possible with an improved immune system, but it is likely to occur faster. And, speedy healing means less permanent damage to the affected area.  A strong immune system can even prevent infections and diseases from developing in the first place.

Nutrient-Rich Ingredients of NZ GLM

New Zealand green lipped mussels are carefully cultivated and processed to retain maximum bio-nutrients.  In addition to essential carbohydrates, Omega-3, and proteins, greenshell mussels contain vitamins and minerals your body needs to effectively fight inflammation and provide healing power.  In particular, magnesium strengthens immune functions, fights inflammation, and has healing properties.  Vitamin C helps build the collagen that is necessary for joint health.  It also works to block free radicals from attacking cells.

Antioxidants in the mussels also provide important healing power by neutralizing free radicals. When free radicals are no longer able to reach cells, healing can occur at the cellular level.  Studies suggest antioxidants can speed up healing as well.  Rather than taking multiple supplements, you can take a single NZ GLM supplement and receive benefits provided by these and more bio-nutrients.  The power of NZ GLM supplements is in the ability of the bio-nutrients to effectively work together in order to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and heal the body.

NZ GLM supplements have no known side effects and are safe for just about everyone except for people with shellfish allergies.  It only takes a few minutes to buy supplements made from greenshell mussels when you use a reputable seller.  You will get these great supplements delivered right to your door – and then you can start healing your body!