Brain Power

Role of Green Lipped Mussels in Improving Brain Power

Green lipped mussels play a central role in improving brain power.  Everyone wants to boost mental performance.  As you age, sustaining mental wellness becomes even more important.  Many of the nutrients found in greenshell mussels have proven to enhance mental health.  Even if you take supplements made from these mussels to treat an inflammatory condition, you still benefit from the added benefit of better brain power. Mussels are rich in various nutrients including mucopolysaccharides and Omega-3 fatty acids which influence overall health and can affect brain health.

Function of Mucopolysaccharides

Frequently referred to as “the glue of life”, mucopolysaccharides play a central role in the aging process.  Many medical experts consider them to be an essential type of carbohydrate.  They combine with lipids or protein in tissues that are responsible for holding the various parts of the human system together. Mucopolysaccharides have a role in the following:

  1. Adjusting the thickness and stickiness of bodily fluids
  2. Normalizing interactions between cells and capillaries including the bio-exchange that occurs with nutrients, oxygen, and electrolytes
  3. Maintaining the structural integrity of tissue and cartilage

In short, mucopolysaccharides are essential for cell growth, recognition, and adhesiveness.  When your cells are healthy, your brain is healthy.  Green lipped mussels are believed to be the best food source for mucopolysaccharides.

Omega-3 for Mental Health

Studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids in green lipped mussels are equally beneficial for brain health.  When you do not have sufficient Omega-3 in your diet, you are at higher risk for developing conditions like depression, attention-deficit disorder, and dementia. Omega-3s keep brains healthy by helping to keep brain cell membrane elastic so that electrical impulses can flow easily from one neuron to another.  Medical experts believe that the brain’s blood flow is improved with the increase in Omega-3s.  Following are some of the more important research findings related to how Omega-3 affects the brain:

  1. Children with higher levels of Omega-3 experience fewer and less severe behavioral problems.
  2. People of all ages who take Omega-3 supplements tend to show demonstrable increases in learning and memory.
  3. Omega-3 can protect you against mood disorders like depression and improve your mood if you are depressed.
  4. Dementia and other age-related cognitive conditions can be significantly delayed with Omega-3.

These are just some of the documented benefits of Omega-3 related to improved brain function.

Blood Circulation and Brain Function

If you have weak blood circulation, you may experience reduced brain function or mood disorders like depression.  The circulatory system must be highly elastic to allow proper blood circulation.  Green lipped mussels can improve blood circulation which, in turn, allows sufficient blood to reach the brain.  When that happens, you will experience higher cognitive abilities and fewer episodes of depression.  Talk to your doctor about this option if you have been struggling with either problem and have not identified a suitable treatment to reduce symptoms.  Regarding depression and similar conditions, serotonin is needed to elevate your mood.  And, Omega-3 fatty acids help with the production of serotonin.  Even mucopolysaccharides help with blood circulation by thinning blood for better flow.

Using New Zealand GLM Supplements

Clearly, green lipped mussels can help improve brain power.  If mussels are not to your liking, you can easily take New Zealand GLM supplements instead. A daily dose of this supplement can make you healthier in multiple ways.  Rich in nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids and mucopolysaccharides, GLM supplements work to increase blood flow and increase brain function so that you retain your cognitive abilities longer.

Buy supplements made from green lipped mussels today and start improve your brain health for mental fitness and longevity!