Amino Acids

Putting Amino Acids from Greenshell Mussels to Work for You

Greenshell mussels are rich in amino acids which are compounds needed to create protein in the body.  Amino acids provide a variety of health benefits that include reducing inflammation, increasing energy, and preventing cardiovascular disease.  Supplements made from New Zealand green lipped mussels are a great source for amino acids that can help individuals with inflammatory conditions like arthritis, bursitis and lupus.

How Amino Acids Work

Any time we consume protein, it is broken down so that nutrients can be absorbed in the intestines.  Proteins that contain amino acids are restructured to produce new proteins that are needed for a variety of functions throughout the body.  Amino acids found in greenshell mussels go through this same complex process when you consume them.  Your body may need to fight inflammation more than it needs to repair muscles at some point.  Amino acids are able to adjust and recombine into new compounds that are needed most by your body at any given time.

Essential Amino Acids

These acids must be part of your daily diet because your body does not produce any.  When you eat foods that are complete proteins such as meat, soy, and fish including greenshell mussels, you get all of the essential amino acids you need.  It is always better to eat low-fat protein foods.  Fat-free dairy products also can be added to your diet.

Nonessential Amino Acids

Your body naturally produces certain amino acids.  They are considered nonessential because you do not need to consume them on a daily basis. However, it is possible to supplement your diet with these acids. Protein in the form of amino acids is critical for optimal health.  You may be able to fight health conditions by having the right levels of nonessential amino acids in your body.

Amino Acid Deficiency

It is possible to have an amino acid deficiency.  Because they are referred to as the building blocks of life, insufficient amino acids in the body can lead to serious health conditions.  While low-protein foods are recommended, there exists the potential of not eating enough of these foods.  This is common in vegetarians who do not eat meat or fish like greenshell mussels.

However, a deficiency can also be the result of an infection, stress, or injury.  When your body has to work harder to heal, amino acids are used up faster.  You are not able to eat enough foods to increase essential amino acids, and your body produces nonessential amino acids at a particular pace.  It does not take much for a deficiency to occur.  The most common outcome of amino acid deficiency is a weak immune system.  And this becomes problematic if you have a chronic inflammatory condition because your body cannot fight the inflammation.

Amino Acids in Greenshell Mussels

The power of these mollusks is derived from the various nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties that are found in them.  It is the nonessential amino acids, particularly glutamic acid, in these mussels that offer important healing benefits. Even though your body naturally produces glutamic acid, this shellfish can increase the amount in your body.

Glutamic acid is important for cellular metabolism, motor function and the neurotransmission of information. This is why amino acids can help people who suffer from inflammatory diseases.  It is not unusual for mobility to be affected by arthritis.  Amino acids can decrease muscle stiffness.  And you can improve mental health when you take supplements rich in amino acids which are known to improve memory.

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