Why Use Supplements

Choosing Green-Lipped Mussel Supplements over Pharmaceuticals to Treat Inflammation

Taking green-lipped mussel supplements to treat inflammation is a safe alternative to prescription medications.  In fact, many people prefer natural supplements to any type of pharmaceutical drug.  Others turn to supplements when prescribed treatments fail to reduce inflammation and associated pain.  There are several key reasons to seriously consider using supplements instead of pharmaceuticals.


Although pharmaceuticals are required to be rigorously tested, they are often less safe than supplements.  This is because supplements tend to be made from natural ingredients while pharmaceuticals are more likely made by combining ingredients in ways that are not natural.  You probably are not even aware that prescription drugs are a leading cause of disability and death because of adverse reactions.  They can even cause birth defects in newborn babies.  Green-lipped mussel supplements are a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals.


While certain prescription pain killers are stronger than natural supplements, it is likely you will not be able to take them long term or you risk becoming addicted.  Additionally, your body builds up a tolerance to most prescription drugs.  Supplements are another matter because your body already uses the nutrients in supplements – you are simply increasing the level of nutrients in your body.  So you will not have to gradually increase dosage of supplements to maintain the same benefits.  You can take supplements for years without any side effects which makes them more effective in many ways than prescription drugs.


The ingredients in green-lipped mussel supplements are rather evident.  You will not get a bottle of supplements that has a list of ingredients that is long or that you do not understand.  Prescription medications are often made from a complex mixture of many different ingredients, many of which you will not understand unless you are a doctor or scientist.  Because natural supplements have fewer ingredients, you have less to worry about in terms of allergic reactions or negative interactions with other medicines you might be taking.  And your doctor can easily determine if you should take a supplement based on its ingredients.


Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of green-lipped mussel supplements is that you do not need a prescription to purchase them.  In fact, you can buy any type of supplement without a prescription. Supplements are much more accessible than prescription drugs.  Not only do pharmaceuticals require a prescription but your doctor must determine a particular drug will actually treat your condition.  In this respect, you have little control over your treatments.  You may believe you would benefit from taking a particular medication but if your doctor is unwilling to prescribe it, there is nothing you can do.  With supplements, you are in complete control of this decision process.  You know your body better than anyone else – you should be able to decide how best to treat it and instantly reduce inflammation.  With supplements, you have the power to do just that!


Green-lipped mussel supplements are affordable compared to pharmaceuticals. In fact, prescription medications can be quite expensive especially if you have to take them long-term.  It is not uncommon to be prescribed multiple medications.  In this case, your prescription drug costs increase substantially.  If you do not have health insurance or certain medications are not covered under your current plan, you may be faced with rationing your medications in order to afford them.  If you take supplements, you do not have to resort this extreme reaction to prescription drug costs.  Although they are probably not covered by your health insurance plan, you should be able to still afford to buy supplements.  And when you begin to feel better, you will save money by not having to see your doctor as often.

Clearly, it makes sense to choose natural supplements rather than pharmaceuticals whenever you have the option.  You can now buy New Zealand green lipped mussel supplements online from reputable manufacturers.  Treat your inflammatory condition today for a more pain-free tomorrow!