Supplement Myths

Nutritional Supplements:  Is What You Know Fact or Fiction?

Misconceptions about nutritional supplements can lead to bad decisions on the part of consumers.  Before you begin taking any type of supplement, you need to know fact from fiction.  Understanding the truth about supplements pertains to all supplements including those made from New Zealand green-lipped mussels.  Once you know the truth about supplements, your expectations will be more realistic.  And, you can make a better informed decision about the supplements you take.

Myth: Supplements can replace food.

Fact: The truth is in the name.

Supplements are intended to support, not replace, consumption of food products. A well-rounded diet is essential for good health.  Depending on your diet, you may have vitamin or mineral deficiencies.  Or you might not be getting enough protein in your diet.  Perhaps you are experiencing health conditions that are a direct result of these deficiencies.  Nutritional supplements can help treat the deficiencies so your body can heal and symptoms diminish.  You may find that supplements are absorbed easily by the body so they work faster than nutrients derived from food.  However, your first priority must be a healthy diet that focuses on providing maximum nutrition.

Myth: The safest supplements are “all natural” ones.

Fact:  Natural does not automatically mean safe.

It is the ingredients and manufacturing process that determine the safeness of supplements. Even the packaging of supplements is important to make sure supplements stay dry and safe for consumption. Learn about ingredients used to create supplements to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.  You also want to know the amount of the supplemental ingredients you are getting in nutritional supplements, especially if you are taking them to address a particular health condition. Too much any ingredient can be toxic to your body.  Toxicity can lead to serious health problems but can usually be avoided by following the instructions provided by the supplement manufacturer (or your doctor).

Myth: Supplements work the same for everyone.

Fact:  Everyone responds differently to supplements.

Nutritional supplements are no different than any other type of medicine you take or food you eat.  They work different for everyone based on a variety of factors including metabolic system and general health. You may be taking prescription medications that can influence the way your body reacts to specific supplements.  Or you might have an allergy to certain types of medication or ingredients used to create supplements.  For example, people who are allergic to shellfish should not take New Zealand green lipped mussel supplements without first consulting their doctor.  While most people who use supplements find them helpful, others derive no apparent benefit from them at all.

Myth: Anyone can take supplements without physician approval.

Fact:  Some people should consult a physician before taking supplements.

While it is legal to take nutritional supplements without a prescription, you might need to see your doctor before you take these supplements. Certain supplements can interfere with the mechanism of action of prescription medications.  In addition, you may want to take a supplement to treat a particular condition only to find it triggers another, and possibly worse, symptom.  Although you can learn about supplements online, it is recommended you see your doctor before taking a supplement to make sure it will not cause complications for you.

Numerous benefits are associated with nutritional supplements.  New Zealand green lipped mussel supplements are an increasingly popular supplement because it can be used for a variety of symptoms and conditions. To get the most from your New Zealand green lipped mussel supplements, only purchase them from a trusted seller.  You can be buy with confidence knowing you will be getting the product you want!