About Perna Canaliculus

A Brief Introduction to Perna Canaliculus

Perna canaliculus, commonly known as New Zealand green-lipped mussel, is a cultivated shellfish that is central to New Zealand’s aquaculture industry.  Because they are cultivated in New Zealand’s pristine waters, they have significantly less impurities which make them ideal functional food.  Their name is derived from the fact that they have a shell that is green around the edges.

Historical Relevance

The indigenous Maori people of New Zealand have been eating these greenshell mussels for centuries. While they may not have realized the full potential of this superfood, they certainly believed their diet was responsible for their general good health and longevity.  Late in the last century, researchers began to officially study Perna canaliculus and its apparent healing properties.  They learned that the anti-inflammatory properties of these green lipped shellfish can be extracted so that a more useable supplement can be created for commercial distribution.  Soon after, the first green lipped mussel supplement business was launched with more to follow.  These supplements are now an integral part of the supplement industry.

How it Works as Anti-Inflammatory

Consumption of this particular shellfish has shown to inhibit the production of enzymes that can lead to inflammation.  Specifically, 5-lipoxygenase is an enzyme that changes essential fatty acids into leukotrienes.  An excess of leukotrienes is a leading cause of inflammation in conditions such as arthritis as well as asthma and allergies.  Perna canaliculus can reduce and even prevent inflammation from occurring.  It works similar to a leukotriene antagonist in this respect.  Mussels also have natural anti-oxidants that are known to improve general health.

Eating Mussels

Consuming greenshell mussels remains one of the best ways to get the nutritional benefits offered by green lipped shellfish.  There are several ways to prepare mussels including boiling or sautéing them.  You can use them in pasta dishes or traditional bouillabaisse and gumbo recipes.  Many people like to eat mussels with just a glass of wine and without other food.  You can even find these mussels on the menus of upscale restaurants. Whatever your preferences, you have a plethora of ways to incorporate Perna canaliculus into your diet.

Why a Supplement

Obviously green mussels are not appetizing for everyone. While mussels are still considered a delicacy in various countries around the world, they are also an acquired taste for many people. In fact, there are plenty of people who do not like any type of sea food.  But this does not mean you cannot take advantage of their health benefits.  By using an extract made from the mussels, supplement makers have created the perfect solution.  You do not have to eat mussels – you can just take a supplement!

About Supplements

If you do not like shellfish, taking supplements made from green lipped mussel extract is a great alternative.  With supplements, you have more control over how much Perna canaliculus you add to your daily diet.  Eating mussels every day can be quite expensive. And you will probably grow to dislike the taste of them rather quickly.  Taking a supplement is easier and costs much less than having to buy mussels to eat.

Supplements also allow you to maintain a certain level of the extract in your system to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with inflammation. This is perhaps the most important reason to consider taking supplements rather than actually eating mussels.  You can usually take several capsules throughout the day to deal with your inflammatory condition.  As long as you do not exceed the recommended daily limit, you are able to address inflammation as soon as symptoms manifest.

To buy Perna canaliculus in supplement form, all you have to do is find a reliable seller that manufactures a product that contains 100% extract made from these incredible greenshell mussels!