Managing Side Effects

Managing Green Lipped Mussel Side Effects

It is possible you may experience green lipped mussel side effects when you take supplements containing mussel extract. But that is not unusual.  Just about every type of supplement, prescription drug, or over-the-counter medication has side effects associated with it.  This does not mean you should not take the supplement.  You simply need to understand the potential side effects and know how to effectively manage them.

Reduce Potential for Side Effects

As soon as you decide to take a supplement, you have some control over whether or not you will experience certain side effects.  You are responsible for taking the supplement as directed and at the recommended dosage.  Any time you take more than you should, you risk toxicity which is one of the more serious green lipped mussel side effects.  While your body usually rids itself of excess nutrients, sometimes it is unable to sufficiently flush a fast buildup from your system which can lead to a toxic reaction.  You can avoid this by simply taking supplements as intended by the manufacturer.

Manage Allergy Side Effects

One of the most dangerous side effects is an allergic reaction to the supplement.  This is possible if you are allergic to shellfish.  You should never take these supplements if you have that type of allergy without first consulting with your doctor.  Even if you are not allergic to shellfish, you might have an allergic reaction.  The best way to manage these green lipped mussel side effects is to know what to expect and seek medical attention if you experience an unusual or extreme reaction to the supplements. An allergic reaction can result in difficulty breathing or swelling of your throat.  And it usually occurs shortly after taking the supplement.

Manage Gastrointestinal Side Effects

It is unlikely you will experience more severe side effects, although many people are sensitive to supplements in general.  For this reason, you might experience gastrointestinal side effects including nausea, gas, or abdominal discomfort.  You can easily manage these by avoiding caffeine while taking this supplement.  You can also treat individual symptoms. For example, you can treat green lipped mussel side effects like diarrhea by eating high-fiber foods when you first start taking this supplement.  If you consistently experience an upset stomach with supplements, try eating before you take the supplement.  And be sure to drink plenty of water.

Track Side Effects

It is easy to assume that if you experience unusual symptoms after taking a supplement that the symptoms are directly related to the supplement.  But this is not necessarily true. It is recommended you record symptoms you experience.  Make note of when and how frequently you experience the symptoms.  If the symptoms persist, contact your doctor for a recommendation.  He may want to see you to rule out any other reasons you may be experiencing green lipped mussel side effects.

Watch for Drug Interactions

Neither supplements nor pharmaceutical drugs are specifically tested to see if a negative reaction will occur if they are taken at the same time as another drug or supplement. It is just not possible to test every possible combination.  Generally, people learn about problems with drug interactions through experience. Warnings about possible drug interactions are made after several people experience the same symptoms. So, there is really no way to know if you will experience this type of complication when you take New Zealand green lipped mussel supplements.  You can still manage potential side effects by being aware that it is a possibility and watching for signs that you might have a problem.

Now that you understand how to manage green lipped mussel side effects, you are ready to purchase this supplement and start using it to improve your health and treat inflammatory conditions that are interfering with your daily activities.