Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel

Before taking a supplement made from green lipped mussels, you probably have questions that need to be answered.  Read these FAQs to get answers to common questions other customers have had about these products.  You will then be better prepared to make an informed decision about using New Zealand green lipped mussel supplements to treat your inflammatory condition.

How do these mussels reduce inflammation?

Greenshell mussels have high amounts of anti-inflammatory properties including Omega-3, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.  In fact, these particular mussels have greater portions of these properties than any other animal or plant. By adding more of these nutrients to your body, it is better able to fight bad inflammation as well as the resulting pain and swelling. Inflammation occurs when vascular tissue reacts to pathogens or irritants.  The anti-inflammatory properties found in green lipped mussels help to sooth tissue and fight pathogens so swelling and pain do not develop.

Is eating mussels the only way to get the nutrients?

Fortunately there is another way to benefit from these mollusks. Nutritional companies now create supplements made from greenshell mussels. As long as you buy from a company that uses a reliable process such as the En’Zaq® Process that retains the mussel nutrients, you can get the same benefits as you would by eating mussels.  You can take as much as 2,000 mg of this supplement every day to fight inflammation and pain.

Is this supplement safe to take?

As long as you follow the instructions on the label, you should have no problem with this supplement.  However, there is one exception.  People who are allergic to shellfish should avoid taking supplements made from green lipped mussels unless you have consulted with your doctor first. It is important to take only the dosage recommended.  If you are taking this supplement because of your doctor’s recommendation, be sure to ask him about the amount you should take every day.

Are there side effects associated with this supplement?

As with any supplement or prescription medication, you may experience certain side effects after taking this supplement.  Side effects are rare and will likely be temporary until your body adjusts to the increase in nutrients.  If you already experience sensitivity to medication, try eating before taking a supplement made from green lipped mussels to avoid getting an upset stomach.

Can I take this supplement if I am already taking prescription medications?

It depends on the medications you are currently taking as well as your history of drug interactions.  Everybody reacts differently to supplements and medications. Your doctor should be able to determine your risk level for taking this supplement since he knows what other medications you take.  Other over-the-counter medications and supplements you take should also be considered to avoid possible interactions.

Besides treating inflammation, does this supplement offer other health benefits?

Research shows that green lipped mussels offer a variety of health benefits.  These benefits range from improving skin conditions to strengthening bones.  Some studies suggest that greenshell mussel supplements also may improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.  Not only does it reduce inflammation but it can relieve pain.  And it can increase brain function so you are more alert and have table moods.  Getting all of these benefits from a single supplement means you will likely experience better overall health.

It is apparent you can benefit from green lipped mussels and supplements made from mussel extract.  Generally, these products are not available at your local vitamin store.  But you can buy the best mussel supplements online from reputable companies.