GLM Extract

Why Green Lipped Mussel Extract is So Popular

Because of its versatility, green lipped mussel extract is becoming increasingly popular around the world.  New Zealand mussels are known to be especially beneficial because of their anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits.  Inflammation is a serious condition that is affecting more people every day.  In fact, the prevalence of chronic inflammatory diseases and other debilitating health problems is on the rise. Many factors contribute to the increasing incidence of these conditions which has lead to the regular development of new treatment options including those that use Perna canaliculus or greenshell mussels. These shellfish are popular because of specific benefits identified by research studies.

Improves Physical Health

Once your inflammation or pain is under control, you feel better.  This means that a supplement made from green lipped mussel extract offers primary and secondary health benefits.  Primary benefits include reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and improving joint health. Secondary benefits include a general sense of well-being when you are no longer in pain and can resume your regular daily activities with confidence.

Greenshell mussels are a natural source of Omega-3 and iron which are necessary for good physical health.  You can regain strength that you might have lost while inflammation or pain ravaged your body.  When the inflammation is gone or significantly reduced, you will find that your muscles and joints are just as strong as they were before the onset of your inflammatory condition.

Promotes Mental Health

There are additional reasons that supplements made from green lipped mussel extract are popular.  A major one is that it promotes mental wellness.  In particular, these supplements can improve your mood.  Of course, when you feel good you tend to be happier.  Poor health frequently leads to depression and other mental health concerns.  You can avoid these problems by taking the right type of supplement.  This is especially important since we are living longer. With longevity comes the need to maintain superior mental health along with staying in good physical shape. Only then will we continue to have a high quality of life as we age.

Many people who take these supplements experience improved brain functions including memory capabilities.  As you age, your brain functions naturally get weaker.  But you can reverse that outcome by taking advantage of the unique properties that are in green lipped mussel extract.  More people are experiencing dementia and other mental deterioration conditions including Alzheimer’s.  You may be able to delay the inevitable by taking these supplements made from greenshell mussels.

Prevents Health Problems

Mussels are rich in antioxidants which prevent free radicals from causing health problems.  This means that not only do New Zealand mussels have healing properties but they are ideal for prevention as well.  It is not uncommon for people to experience side effects of inflammation without even knowing it.  It is for this reason that taking supplements made from green lipped mussel extract even if you have not been diagnosed with an inflammatory disease can help you feel better and improve your general health.

The preventative nature of these mussels has been known for centuries.  Natives of New Zealand have lived on a steady diet of this type of shellfish.  As a result, they stayed healthy and lived longer.  Because greenshell mussels are cultivated, supplement manufacturers are able to create products that are full of preventative and healing properties. You benefit by getting 100% of the ingredients in supplements you would receive if you ate the mussels.

Green lipped mussel extract can be purchased in the form of supplements.  These are more affordable than buying actual mussels.  And if you do not like shellfish, you can still enjoy their benefits by taking supplements that have been processed in such a way that all nutrients are retained!