Green-Lipped Mussels: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Prescription Medications

A major advantage of green-lipped mussels is that they are eco-friendly in numerous ways.  So supplements made from these shellfish are particularly healthy for you and safe for the environment.  Pharmaceuticals are known to be harmful to the environment.  Medicines end up in water and waste systems, spreading pollutants.  Large doses of prescription medications are toxic to the environment and ecosystem just as much as they are dangerous to people.

Environmental Impact of Pharmaceuticals

Compounds used during the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals destroy the soil and pollute the water.  What many people do not realize is that these medicines also kill wildlife in large numbers.  Birds, fish, and other animals are poisoned when they drink water or eat plant life that has been contaminated by these pollutants.  In contrast, supplements made from green-lipped mussels are known to be an alternative that is safer for the environment.  And, if something is good for the environment, it is logical to assume it may be beneficial to humans.

Preserving New Zealand Waters

Unlike other waters around the world, New Zealand’s are notoriously free of contaminants and pollutants.  Mussels from those pure waters are the healthiest shellfish you can eat.  Extracts made from the mussels are also healthy and eco-friendly.  Waterways across the globe have become contaminated with active compounds from pharmaceuticals that pose serious health risks to people and animals alike.   Creating supplements from marine ingredients found in these waters is simply too risky.  It is the marine life in New Zealand waters that offer the most benefits.

Benefits of Aquaculture Farms

Any type of marine product derived from aquaculture farms has healthier ingredients and has been made in a more eco-friendly manner.   Green-lipped mussels are farmed for the purpose of creating extracts and other compounds for supplements or similar products.  It is a sustainable food production alternative to depleting natural populations. Consumers benefit by getting a consistent product at an affordable price. Preservation is an increasing concern that can be addressed to a point by the use of aquaculture farms.  Waterways stay cleaner and healthier when large fishing vessels are not constantly dispelling fuels and waste products.

Supplement Manufacturing Process

Supplement makers typically claim to use eco-friendly manufacturing processes.  Even manufacturers of New Zealand green-lipped mussel supplements want you to believe they are creating supplements in a way that does not harm the environment.  However, it is the manufacturing process used by Maxalife to create supplements made from green-lipped mussels that is authentically environmentally-friendly.  Maxalife works with Aquaculture Inc., a well-established New Zealand mussel concentrate farm, in order to simplify the manufacturing process and minimize impact to the environment.  Maxalife makes the effort to help the environment while maintaining high quality in all supplements.

Recyclable Products

Recycling has become second nature for many.  You want to know that products you buy offer some type of recyclable or sustainable benefit. In addition to recyclable packaging, supplements made from green-lipped mussels can safely be recycled.  If for some reason you do not use all of the supplements, you can simply contact your local pharmacy for information about recycling medicines.  You do not have to worry about the supplements polluting water or soil.  Because of their ingredients and the manufacturing process used in their creation, they are eco-friendly.

When buying supplements made from green-lipped mussels, you want to consider several environmental issues. Clearly you want to protect and preserve the pristine waters of New Zealand where mussels thrive.  Buying a supplement made in a way that does that means you are sustaining that ecosystem while improving your own health.  You can buy mussel supplements from a reputable seller to improve your health and protect your body against inflammation while making the environment better today!