Sports Injuries

Using Green-Lipped Mussel Supplements to Treat Sports Injuries or Exercise Strains

Green-lipped mussel supplements are now being used to treat minor injuries caused by physical activity.  Regular exercise is an important aspect of overall health.  You can get the exercise you need by joining a sports team or participating in individual sports like jogging or cycling.  Whether you are a member of a gym or prefer to exercise in the privacy of your own home, sports injuries are possible and can lead to series health problems.

Common Sports Injuries

Sprained ankles, knee pain, and muscle soreness are three of the most common sports injuries.  Joint injuries can cause inflammation and arthritis-like symptoms which can be quite painful.  When you do not warm up properly or cool down sufficiently, you risk these injuries.  Warm-ups help get your blood circulating which warms your muscles.  As more oxygen reaches your muscles, you decrease your risk of serious injury.  You also prepare your body for the physical stress associated with exercise.

Exercise-Related Strains and Injuries

In most cases, the injury appears suddenly.  There may be no warning signs you are at risk for an injury.  If you do feel your body straining, you should immediately reduce your physical exertion.  Exercise strains can cause you to experience aches and pains for days.  It is for this reason that people turn to green-lipped mussel supplements to sooth physical strains caused by exercising.  You want to recover as soon as possible so you can return your physical activities.  In addition to giving your body plenty of time to rest, you can take supplements to speed up your recovery.

Muscle Pain Treatment and Joint Recovery After Injuries

Your first reaction may be to reach for an over-the-counter pain reliever.  It is an obvious response considering more than 25 billion tablets are sold each year.  These drugs are commonly referred to as “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs” (NSAIDs). Excessive use of NSAIDs can lead to dependency and physical complications such as damage to the stomach and gastrointestinal system.  Thousands of people die every year from taking these medications.  Supplements are a better alternative that can help with both muscle strains and joint pain.

How Green-Lipped Mussel Supplements Help

Natural pain relief is safer than pharmaceutical treatment options.  You are providing additional nutrients already present in your body to make the repair and recovery process happen faster.  You are not adding foreign substances to your body that could cause even worse symptoms.  These particular supplements aid in reducing inflammation so that muscles can repair themselves.  Anti-inflammatory properties in New Zealand green-lipped mussel supplements provide especially potent healing power.  It is the Omega-3s in the supplements that work vigorously to decrease inflammation. Because your body cannot produce these essential fatty acids itself, you need to get the benefit from another source like a supplement.  Finding the right supplement is important for your physical recovery.

Green-lipped mussel supplements also contain Vitamin D which has been proven to treat non-specific musculoskeletal pain.  Muscle pain often occurs when your body is depleted of Vitamin D.  Supplements like these can effectively address your Vitamin D deficiency while reducing painful inflammation.  Greenshell supplements work similar to glucosamine sulfate which increases the glucosamine that occurs naturally in your body to heal damaged cartilage.  It is significantly safer than NSAIDs and may be just as effective at alleviating pain with fewer side effects.

When you experience a sports injury, resting helps your body repair itself because growth hormone is produced when you fall into a deep sleep. And taking green-lipped mussel supplements help with joint recovery after you sustain an injury by reducing the inflammation around the affected joint.  You can quickly buy mussel supplements online to improve joint health and recover from a sport or exercise injury!