Green Lipped Mussel Supplements Help Reduce Bursitis Pain

Another condition green lipped mussel supplements can treat is bursitis.  This painful disorder typically affects knees and elbows.  But it is can occur anywhere there are bursae or sacs of fluid which help muscles glide across bones.  This motion is what makes it possible for you to move.  However, when bursae are inflamed, the glide is no longer smooth so you experience pain when muscles come in contact with bones.

Causes of Bursitis

Repetitive movement is the most common cause of bursitis.  Repetition may be the result of a work-related activity or even a sport such as tennis.  Existing inflammatory conditions like arthritis can eventually lead to the development of bursitis.  Green lipped mussel supplements can be used to treat bursitis regardless of the underlying cause.  Even bursitis that occurs because of a traumatic injury can be treated with these supplements.

Treatment for Non-Infected Bursae

As long as the bursae are not infected, you can usually treat bursitis with traditional remedies such as resting the inflamed area or applying ice to it.  Elevation may help in certain situations.  Anti-inflammatory supplements or pharmaceutical painkillers may be prescribed.  Avoid painkillers whenever possible to minimize risks associated with these drugs.  If you do have to take them, consider adding green lipped mussel supplements to your treatment regimen to counter possible side effects of the painkillers and to resist addiction to the drugs.

Treatment for Infected Bursae

You have septic bursitis when bursae become infected.  Because this is a serious health condition, you should seek medical attention if you develop a fever or the affected area becomes red and warm to the touch.  These are signs that the infection may be spreading throughout your body.  If you are currently taking supplements made from greenshell mussels, you may need to temporarily discontinue until you have completed a course of antibiotic treatment. Your doctor can make a recommendation regarding possible interaction between the antibiotics and green lipped mussel supplements.

Dangers of Compression

When you first develop bursitis, your initial response may be to wrap the affected area to provide support and restrict movement.  This is actually contraindicated by medical experts. By using a compression wrap, you are actually making your condition worse.  Remember, pain comes from the friction of muscles and tendons moving against bones.  Compression creates even more friction by pushing muscles closer to bones. You are better off resting the affected area as a way to limit movement. Whether it is your elbow or knee that is affected, you want to be careful about placing it flat while resting because then can have the same impact as compression.

Bursitis and Green Lipped Mussel Supplements

Greenshell mussels have an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties that become the main ingredient in these supplements. In particular, the Omega-3s are more potent than those found in similar products such as fish oils.  It is those nutrients that effectively reduce swelling and pain associated with inflammation.  These mussels are also full of vitamins and minerals that help you get healthier.  Antioxidants are plentiful in greenshell mussels.  As a result, they are considered a superfood by many health advocates. Even new research gives credibility to the long-held belief that greenshell mussels can actually increase longevity because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

Deal with your bursitis pain today by ordering green lipped mussel supplements from a company that uses a manufacturing process that is not only safe but retains nutrients from the mussels.  Any other process will produce an inferior product that will not be as effective in treating your bursitis.  Choose the real thing rather than a poor imitation so you can restore your mobility to 100% capacity!