Autoimmune Disorders

NZ GLM: Nutritional Supplements for Autoimmune Disorders

You can now use nutritional supplements to treat certain autoimmune disorders. Women are more likely to suffer from autoimmune conditions, especially those between 30 and 50 years of age.  The increase in autoimmune disorders is occurring for a multitude of reasons ranging from environmental factors to nutritional deficiencies. These disorders can disrupt daily activities to the point it is difficult to keep a job or raise a family as you would like.  Finding a treatment that allows you to get back to your life is imperative!

Prevalence of Autoimmune Disorders

The category of “autoimmune disorders” is quite broad.  It encompasses everything from rheumatoid arthritis to fibromyalgia. With approximately 100 types of autoimmune disorders confirmed and another 40 diseases believed to include an autoimmune dysfunction, the prevalence of autoimmune disorders is quite significant. National Institutes of Health (NIH) maintains that the prevalence of autoimmune disease continues to rise with more than 20 million people in America alone suffering from disorders.  It is this increase in autoimmune disease that has so many people turning to alternative treatment solutions like nutritional supplements.

Understanding Your Immune System

The immune system basically works the same for everyone.  However, when autoimmune disorders are diagnosed, the exact cause of the disorder and affect on your immune system is unique.  For this reason, you need to have a good sense of the exact nature of your symptoms in order to find an appropriate treatment.  You can use this information to find the best nutritional supplements for your disorder. What works for one person suffering an autoimmune disease may not work for another person with same condition.

Why You Need to Block Toxins

Toxins and free radicals are known to cause autoimmune disorders and trigger associated symptoms.  So, blocking them is the best way to manage symptoms if you have already been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.  By blocking toxins, you may be preventing the development of additional symptoms or diseases. The right nutritional supplements can help you build up a defense against free radicals.  For example, supplements that contain Omega-3 and antioxidants are ideal if you suffer from just about any autoimmune disorder.

How to Rebuild Your Immune System

Once you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorders, to some extent the damage has already been done.  Now you have to focus on repairing the damage which, in this case, means rebuilding your immune system. Your immune system is what helps keep you alive.  A compromised immune system makes it easy for you to get and keep infections as well as any type of contagious disease. Rebuilding your immune system is possible as long as you take the following steps:

  1. Identify the source of toxins attacking your immune system
  2. Remove all toxins possible from your body
  3. Get plenty of rest, exercise regularly, and change eating habits
  4. Use supplements to help get your immune system back in balance

Now you just need to find the right supplement as you rebuild your immune system.  Finding the best supplement is essential to immune system repair.

Role of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Supplements

Arguably one of the best nutritional supplements available today, New Zealand green lipped mussel supplements contain the nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties you need to fight autoimmune diseases.  It is rich in vitamins and minerals which are important because vitamin deficiency is often linked to autoimmune disorders.  Specifically, studies show that sufficient levels of vitamin D can actually protect you against autoimmune diseases. New Zealand green lipped mussel supplements have vitamin D as well as other important vitamins and minerals including zinc and magnesium which help treat autoimmune disorders.

Nutritional supplements, especially those made from New Zealand green lipped mussels, can be effective at fighting autoimmune disorders.  You can buy mussel supplements today to get your autoimmune disorder under control and start enjoying good health again!