New Zealand Green Mussels And Their Amazing Health Benefits

When it comes to health supplements, the New Zealand green mussels seem to be getting more and more recognition. You might not have heard of these mussels or the benefits that they are able to provide, but by the end of this article, you will be certain that these are the supplements that you want to purchase to kick start your health plan.

Extracts of the mussels are used in supplements and these contain such a wide range of health boosting nutrients, that they are considered a complete food source. This means that there are enough nutrients within the mussels to sustain life.

New Zealand Green Mussels

The scientific name of the mussels is Perna Canaliculus. They are one of the largest of the mussel family. They can only be found in the pristine waters surrounding New Zealand, hence their name, and are noticeable from the green lip that surrounds the edge of the shell.

Cultivation of the mussels started back in the 1970’s and today they make up the majority of the country’s marine economy with over 140,000 tons produced annually.

The Fantastic Health Benefits

The primary benefits of the mussels relate to their anti-inflammatory properties. They are often used by sufferers of arthritis and joint pain as a natural alternative to side effect ridden pharmaceutical drugs.

The anti-inflammatory properties come from the vast amounts of essential fatty acids that the New Zealand green mussels contain.

Some of the further health benefits include the following:

  • Excellent source of Omega-3 – These fatty acids are essential for heart and brain health.
  • Healthy immune System – The nutrients contained within the mussels create a healthy environment inside your immune system. You will notice less illness and allergies as a result of consuming mussel supplements.
  • Helps Treat Asthma – The anti-inflammatory benefits are able to prevent airway inflammation and this reduces the risk of asthma attacks.
  • Healthy Skin – The essential fatty acids also promote healthy skin and the antioxidant properties remove harmful toxins that attack skin cells.
  • Source of Iron – A lack of iron in the body will result in a lack of energy. Studies have also found that people lacking in iron are not able to concentrate fully.

Yes the benefits are really that good!

New Zealand Green Mussels – Supplementation

As the mussels are native to New Zealand, it is hard to find them in their raw form. There are however, supplement that contain raw extract of the mussels and these provide exactly the same health benefits.

With natural health supplements, you will always find poor quality products doing the rounds. It is important to avoid these as they are low in strength and care hasn’t been taken during the manufacturing process. This often renders them useless!

To avoid the risk of being conned by an inferior product, ensure that the company you buy from offers a money-back guarantee!